Trading Course for Troptions

Troptions TrainingFor those of you holding Troptions, the big question is "Now what?" 

Like many cryptocurrencies, Troptions are not fungible, meaning they are not convertible to cash.  They are, nonetheless, very useful and the opportunity to use Troptions is larger than most people think.  It is the purpose of this website to offer training, counsel, and even participation in deals that exist all around us.

There is no other formal training program for trading or using Troptions to get nearly anything you need.  If you own or hope to own Troptions, you are about to step into one of the most intriguing aspects of crypto assets that do not require technical skills.  

Troptions have been called "The Common Man's Cryptocurrency" because they were designed to operate as a trade asset.  

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Dollar vs Cryptocurrency

Inflation is no longer an inconvenience.  It is a nightmare.  As the dollar loses value, it buys less and less.  But, take a ten year look at most cryptocurrencies.  They have grown and made huge profits.  So, $5000 ten years ago, now buys $3600 in goods.  But, a good cryptocurrency bought ten years ago for $5000 could literally buy a house ... mortgage free.

Prepare yourself for what we all know is coming.  The government controls the dollars, but you control your destiny.  Learning the non-technical use of cryptocurrency may well be a lifeskill we all need is rough times.

Kevin Oleary CryptocurrencyWhy does Kevin O'leary, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, sports figures, investment firms, and banks now hold a substantial portion of their assets in cryptocurrency?   The growing list of high-profile investors seems to leave no one out of the cryptocurrency craze ... except the slow-moving general public.

The simple strategy of "Buy and Hold" of cryptocurrencies has nearly no downside.  In fact, the historic charts show that there are more and bigger winners with cryptocurrency than in the stock market.


Troptions is poised to become the default currency as it is building alliances that will allow Troptions holders to participate in a national and international exchange that outperforms the other cryptocurrencies currently in place.  It seems possible that the future of Troptions is very bright.

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