Selling for Troptions

Xctra Crypto Buyers ClubIs it a good idea to sell/trade what you currently have for Troptions?  Take a car for example.  This is a depreciating asset that loses value every month, and Troptions have been going up in value.  So, would it be better to sell the car for Troptions or hold onto the car?  Had you sold your car for Troptions in January of 2021, your $4000 sale price would be worth about $40,000 by the end of the year.  Impressive, right?

If you sold some old jewelry or gems that are buried in a box in your dresser drawer for $1000 in Troptions, the value of the Troptions could now be $10,000.

Smart Way to Move Stale Inventory

Move out Old InventoryFor those with Troptions in hand, here's a good idea that shouldn't be hard for anyone to do.  Start by asking any kind of business if they have any excess or unused inventory.  Most companies have to keep up with the new models or versions.  So, the dated goods are marked down to move them out, but that doesn't always work.  So, they are taking up valuable space in the storage areas.  

What is the value of that excess inventory?  About zero unless the owner trashes the stuff and writes off a loss.  

Troptions Trades for a Fleet of Classic Cars

Troptions car tradingAfter two plus years of negotiations, Doug Barthelmes and Rex Black successful negotiated to purchase of a fleet of classic cars from an out-of-state collector.  Over that two years, the Troptions grew in value as the purchase price stayed the same.  Without any criticism, we have to ask if the deal had been struck two years ago, the Troptions, at less $100 and now at more than $1200, was worth the wait?

Making Troptions Work

Buy TroptionsIf you sold or traded anything for Troptions, there is a next question about how to make use of Troptions.  Well,, the answer is perhaps too simple and requires more than a casual consideration.  

Some will hold the Troptions as they have a strong history of growth.  For example, $1000 in Troptions today may be worth $5000 in a year or so.  Prices do vary as no person sets the underlying value.  The valuation of Troptions are reported on a DEX based upon the number or volume of trades executed throughout the day.  So far, the growth and popularity of Troptions has been strong and is expected be get even stronger as more consumers and businesses learn how they are used to acquire whatever they need without paying 100% cash.

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