Xctra Xchange

Wealthy and InflationThe future of the dollar and other fiat currencies looks dim as inflation in 2021 rose above 6.8%.  Inflation means a deflated dollar that buys less and less each month.  As gas goes above $5 per gallon, economists worry that a crash of the U.S. dollar may severely impact each and every person who isn't sitting on sizable wealth and other types of assets.  Many worried people are moving from cash to:

  • Gold and silver
  • Precious stones
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real estate

If you are one of the wealthy, your options are few ... but not gone.  Several countries and even states are looking to avoid the crash of the dollar or its inflationary harm by moving to accept digital currency.  Bitcoin may be the obvious choice, but Bitcoin nears its available supply and much of the appreciation may not help latecomers.

For those who are looking to seize the day and establish a Xctra Xchange, they can protect their family, their lifestyle, their wealth, and their community by building.  By popularizing our free mobile app, anyone can acquire spendable assets that defy inflation, can be easily spent in local stores, and stretches purchasing power.

Xctra Xchange

Inflation ProtectionRight now, we are considering Xctra Xchange managers who have the power to influence their community to incorporate digital currency prior to the coming troubles that we all know is coming.  This is a rare opportunity that defies bad times and actually works best when the economy is struggling.  After all, the service is free to join and seems to benefit every.

Every financial professional sees the very real potential that major cryptocurrencies are going to replace cash.  TROPTIONS is the best-suited cryptocurrency to step into the gap when fiat money fades into history.

To understand the system, each candidate is asked to take the Certified TROPTIONS Training course prior to the introduction to the Xctra Xchange project.  We commit $100,000 into each project and the monthly rewards are amazing.  But, there is ONLY ONE person in your area who will be appointed to this role.  We partner with you to grow the program and help advertise the program.  

After all, the Xctra system is free to join, offers early adopter bonuses, contests, and prizes that everyone loves to consumers.  Businesses use the system to attract new customers, increase revenue, and use the same app to pay for goods and services.  

If you are interested in an exciting way to prosper in a bad economy and help others, use the contact page to let us know that you want to know more about the Xctra manager program for your city.  

How simple could it be to start an Xctra Xchange in your area?

Prior to launch, the early adopters of the free mobile app can earn $100 in spendable tokens.  The process is infectious as people discover a new way to buy and sell goods and services.

At the time of launch, businesses are able to accept the trade asset tokens.  They can cash out of the crypto, or even better, use the same mobile app to buy what they need for goods and services.  

Eventually, people discover that the system works better with use and more participation.  

"Save your cash and spend your digital currency."