What Happens When Stores Accept Cryptocurrency?

Tight Money and CryptoHere's a really critical question?  What happens when area stores start accepting cryptocurrency?  Some will be worried that the cryptocurrency might lose value in the ups and downs of the indexes.  True, but that cryptocurrency is more likely to trend upward than down.  We already know that fiat currency, like the dollar, is trending steadily down.  So, my bet is that a good cryptocurrency is going to deliver more value than holding dollars.

If financial, governmental policy, or banking authorities push a "tight money" policy that limits the supply of money by raising rates and limited borrowing, the money pool dries up and businesses suffer.  But, there is a lot of money right now in cryptocurrency.  Even a thousand dollar investment ten years ago could have created many unsuspecting millionaires.

Governments use higher interest rates and limited borrowing to slow inflation.  Inflation is defined as "Too many dollars chasing too few goods."  So, the government uses high-interest rates and limited borrowing to remove cash from the economy.  This may solve inflation, but it is very painful for the people who must struggle to maintain a normal life.

By accepting and promoting cryptocurrency, there is MORE CURRENCY in play regardless of inflation and bank regulations.  That means that stores that begin to accept cryptocurrency or token will be able to sell their goods and services.  In turn, as the concept spreads, these merchants can spend these assets for what they need.  This means more liquidity, and more liquidity spurs commerce.  In short, if people have available money not necessary for bare necessities; they will spend it.

TROPTIONS is the very best way to build what we are calling a universal crypto bartering system.  This ready-made, proven trade asset has a proven track record of billions of TROPTIONS used to buy nearly everything imaginable.  They are not intended for speculation even though their value has steadily grown from $11 per token to over $1200 in 2021.

When the Xctra Xchange is started in the area, the first phase is to empower the consumers.  This is done with the free mobile app that allows consumers to quickly acquire TROPTIONS which most appreciate rather than depreciate.  With some local leadership, consumers learn how to build their personal wealth by learning the power of trading for anything they need.

Barter or trading may be "Old School" in a new age, but it is very effective.  It only requires a community agreement to use a system of trade or trade asset to process any transaction.  As the concept grows, people suddenly realize that a trade asset or token is a very efficient way to buy and sell.  There are no losers and the added liquidity nullifies the tight money policy that destroys businesses and the economy.

In phase two, merchants are invited to accept TROPTIONS payments which they can use to buy what they need or batch them out for cash as they do other credit transactions.  But, now the cycle has begun.  Use the very same, free mobile app customers and merchants learn to love TROPTIONS and the skills of wealth-building that nothing else can match.  With growing local acceptance, customers and merchants will prefer TROPTIONS more than dollars.

Because TROPTIONS are already used throughout the country and internationally, TROPTIONS holders can spend their TROPTIONS in any location that has an active Xctra Xchange.  

Here's the most exciting part.  This system happens with the first person who "Get's it"!   Once anyone has any vision of what our digital future looks like, TROPTIONS is like discovering gold in your backyard.  People are going to get rich.  Stores will not worry about slow sales.   Your choices are not dictated by the cash you have in the bank ... if you can get to it.

Each city or community needs and will benefit from an Xctra Xchange.  For those who want to be in the lead of the next wealth explosion of this crypto asset, start with the Certified TROPTIONS Training and join our Wednesday night Zoom meetings.  You will hear the latest, official reports of what is coming in 2021 and how you can turn from a passive asset to a vibrant income.   

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