Troptions Trades for a Fleet of Classic Cars

Troptions car tradingAfter two plus years of negotiations, Doug Barthelmes and Rex Black successful negotiated to purchase of a fleet of classic cars from an out-of-state collector.  Over that two years, the Troptions grew in value as the purchase price stayed the same.  Without any criticism, we have to ask if the deal had been struck two years ago, the Troptions, at less $100 and now at more than $1200, was worth the wait?

This is one of the important aspects of doing a trade with Troptions.  Over that two year period, inflation has been about 7% making the dollar 7% less powerful.   Had the previous owner sold for cash, he would have less value today.  Had he sold for Troptions two years ago, he would now have a lot more value than the original price.  By the way, Troptions are expected to continue their growth pattern, so the previous owner is still going to see his assets grow.

This story shouldn't end with a notable trade, but should roll over into other trades made by the previous owner making a series of trades as well.  We all know that anything is only as valuable as what it can buy.  Well, here is an example of the true value of Troptions to drive commerce ahead.  This deal could have been made for cash, but the downside is cash is a sliding value.

Skeptics may scoff, but the non-cash, cryptocurrency economy is exploding.  Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have been used to make all types of purchases.  Startup companies are getting the capital that they need by creating and issuing crypto coins.  Art and collectibles are using NFT to drive sales.

Troptions is one of the most established crypto assets that are ideal for trading.  Going into cash from Troptions is actually regressive and misguided.