The Spendable Cryptocurrency

Spendable CryptocurrencyWhile all the attention about cryptocurrency is focused on "The Next Big Thing" and the overnight creation of techno-millionaires, many are left watching the mad scramble to launch a cryptocurrency coin, token, or NFT.  For the rest who didn't jump into Bitcoin or Dogecoin very early on are left watching the exchange index pushing up only to fall a week later.  Honestly, how much has the novice typical investor made over the last year?  

Even the gains made earlier are in the basement a few weeks later.  We hear tantalizing rumors that Bitcoin is going to $100,000 and maybe even $1,000,000 per coin.  That is just amazing!  But is it a reality or hyped fantasy to keep the small players putting their mining proceeds in the game?

There is plenty of reasons to hold some cryptocurrency, but not be 100% locked into its future.  Why not diversify your assets by holding some precious metals or gems?  Investment Grade Stones accepts cryptocurrency in trade for an equivalent amount in high-grade (9-10 Extra Fine) gems that are a true hedge against radical downturns in other investments.  Like a gambler at the table, it pays to pull some of the money off the table and have enough to start again later.

Another diversion is to take a second look at TROPTIONS, a crypto trade asset.  This is a different animal when it comes to the crypto family.  This crypto trade asset has avoided getting listed on exchanges for some very important reasons.  One of the basic goals was to put the power into the hands of everyday people.  The idea was to create a digital currency rather than an investment.  This currency held the promise that it could be used to literally replace cash by creating a universal barter or trade system. 

The other reason TROPTIONS hasn't been listed on the exchanges yet is the immense amount of influence, hype, and manipulation by celebrities and mega-investors.  While the techno-wizards, celebrities, and big investors whipsaw the market to make their next million dollars, the small investor always arrives late to the party.  Odds are that much of his crypto portfolio has as much red ink and black.

TROPTIONS is not your classic investment.  It was designed to be traded or spent, not jump up and down on an exchange.  There are some more enterprising people who want to do more than check their portfolio ten times a day and hope that things get better.  These people want to go hands-on and take control of their future rather than waiting on others who don't really care about your meager investment.

The remarkable ability of TROPTIONS to be used as "Spendable Cryptocurrency" or traded freely in the place of cash is not only novel.  It is what we should have been doing from the beginning.  Over the last ten years, numerous TROPTIONS holders have bought cars, gems, jewelry, tractors, land, and real estate simply by daring to offer something of value in exchange for the asset.  Most offers were not successful, but others were.  Each success seemed to give strength to the next, until million-dollar deals happened infrequently but often enough to create over $8 billion in exchanges each month.

Due to the privacy of the blockchain system, we rarely hear of these exchanges.  They are happening constantly but without fanfare. 

Yet the door is wide open to this powerful tool.  All that is required is a starting amount of TROPTIONS, a good education that shows the way, and the gumption to try your hand at the very real potential to become a crypto-millionaire without the hollow promises of the latest social media blitz by Elon Musk or Mark Cuban. 

In 2022, the launch of the TROPTIONS mobile app marks the kick-off of what might be the best-kept secret  in the crypto world.  You can watch and wait, or step into what could be the next explosive concept in the form of spendable cryptocurrency.