Selling for Troptions

Xctra Crypto Buyers ClubIs it a good idea to sell/trade what you currently have for Troptions?  Take a car for example.  This is a depreciating asset that loses value every month, and Troptions have been going up in value.  So, would it be better to sell the car for Troptions or hold onto the car?  Had you sold your car for Troptions in January of 2021, your $4000 sale price would be worth about $40,000 by the end of the year.  Impressive, right?

If you sold some old jewelry or gems that are buried in a box in your dresser drawer for $1000 in Troptions, the value of the Troptions could now be $10,000.

The simple process of holding the Troptions would hopefully continue to grow year by year, or there may come a time when you want to make use of the Troptions. In other words, why not trade your Troptions, as they were meant to be used, for something you want to acquire?

The "Art of the Deal" is to find someone who has something you want who will accept all or part of the price in Troptions.  Start with the Crypto Barter market at  Everything listed on this site is "Open for Negotiation", and all that is required is to register on the site so we know that we are dealing with real people.  Registration is free.  Once registered, why not take advantage of listing your good but unneeded items on the market.  

It is the grand plan for Troptions to becomes a more and more popular form of exchange.  But, some communities have set up Xctra Buyer's Clubs that take non-cash trade exchanges to a more practical application than the skill of one person working trades.  Xctra Buyer's Clubs start with mini-Troptions (MTR) that are manages on the free Xctra phone app.  MTR are valued at $1.00 and can be earned and spent at local, participating stores which is our "Basic Trading" program.  

MTR trade credits are used in lieu of cash on the Xctra Crypto Barter market, and are used as a customers loyalty reward system in local stores and business.  The Xctra Buyer's Club is the next quantum leap of a barter club that was restricted on "Business Only" members.  The Xctra Buyer's club includes literally everyone.  Because of our free mobile app for IOS or Android, customers can trade the MTR as well as businesses.  And because our network connects all local clubs nationwide, anyone can sell or buy from the the Xctra market locally or in a different state.

Suddenly, there is a thousand ways to spend your MTR (mini-Troptions) or your XTR (Troptions) via the Xctra Crypto Barter network in all out locations.  There's another great benefit of our growing network.  MTR trade credits work in all other cities that have an Xctra Buyer's Club.  The simplicity is almost too good to ignore.  Earn MTR trade credits or sell things on the Xctra market for MTR credits.  You will see your balances grow the more you engage the system.  

If you are a business, we want to suggest that you allow at least  20% of your fees to be in trade credits (MTR or XTR) and that you offer 5-10% MTR rewards for your cash-paying customers.  This creates a positive balance to be used in the system.  Pay for B2B type services with MTR or XTR depending on what you have in hand. If any business gets heavy in trade credits, they can buy more things at the Xctra market, spend MTR in other businesses, or trade them for XTR as a cryptocurrency that has an excellent history of value growth.  B = Business, C = Consumer

But, there is more than the typical B2B opportunity of the typical barter group that allows businesses to conserve cash by spending their MTR credits.  The new opportunity, is that consumers can spend the MTR credits as a C2B exchange.  Consumers can join the fun and sell via the Xctra market to other club members (that is C2C).  When we include B2B, C2B, C2C; everyone is allowed to participate and a true trading and barter economy is developed that has no limitations except the ignorance that digital and cryptocurrency is driving everyone more and more to a cashless society.

If the government controls the cash or cashless exchanges, there will be excessive taxation, the erosion in value of inflation, and countless regulatory rules.  If communities embrace trade exchanges that are self-governing, require fair trade, and full accounting; this system can literally improve the lives of all, resist inflation, and survive depressions.