Course Overview

CyrptocurrencyThe vast majority of people have watched cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum move from a techno-nerd fantasy to an amazing shift in world economics.  Cryptocurrencies are now expected to revolutionize our world and our live.  Here's the challenge.  Cash or fiat currency is in trouble.  Since leaving the gold and silver standard in the Nixon era, money has no fixed value.  Worse yet, that value is manipulated, taxed, and regulated in favor of the rich and powerful, but often to the hurt of ordinary people who work hard for their paycheck.

We are entering a new world of finance unarmed and ill-informed.

So, why TROPTIONS?  

TROPTIONS are called "The Common Man's Cryptocurrency", and there is a good reason why that statement is incredibly true.  This is one crypto asset that is not a "rabbit hole" of techno-jargon and mind-numbing complexity.  TROPTIONS are historically sound and simple to understand.  Frankly, this is an asset that anyone can use to make or grow wealth with spending months chasing the latest crypto innovation.

So, here's how to take the Common's Man path to build wealth with TROPTIONS.  Take the online training course.  I promise you that it isn't difficult to master this subject.  You will learn the history of this crypto asset, the three basic strategies of wealth building, and how you currently have the power to literally use TROPTIONS to grow your wealth and purchase whatever you need or want.

To be up-front about TROPTIONS, the leader who have made millions use this proven crypto asset to trade, buy, and sell without the use of cash money.  We show you how anyone can do it, and frankly, the rest is 100% in your hands.  Some people will "Buy and Hold" TROPTIONS expecting that this asset will continue to grow as it has over the last fifteen years.  

Better yet, we will show you proof and examples of how TROPTIONS can be used to build wealth.  Once you "Get it", your life will begin to change.  Unlike most cryptocurrencies where your success or failure is in the hands of millionaire entrepreneurs; with TROPTIONS you are making the decisions, buying and selling without using cash, and leveraging the assets you own to buy or sell your way to millionaire status.

BRyan"As one of the OG's in TROPTIONS, I get a slew of calls asking tons of questions and looking for guidance.  I tell everyone that before I spend my scarce time answering the same questions as the last fifty people, you need to take the TROPTIONS TRAINING course.  It's there for all our existing and new members.  Information is power, and this course is absolutely the best we have ever offered."

"My advice is that if you work at something you truly believe is great, and you push through the negativity in most people, you will find the success you are seeking.  TROPTIONS is "The Common Man's Cryptocurrency" because it is a democracy where you and I have the same chance at wealth and happiness.  We do not wait for some power broker, technocrat, or organization to open the doors of success.  In a democracy, you seize the opportunity or watch while others do what you could have done."

DurwoodDurwood started with only $126 when he bought into TROPTIONS.  Anyone who has met Durwood finds a person with a heart of gold and a fervent desire to talk about TROPTIONS. Durwood worked with Garland Harris, but Garland required everyone to "Learn by Doing", which seems a little harsh.  Over the years, Durwood has traded TROPTIONS and become a fantastic success story.  

Durwood is one of several experienced TROPTIONS Mentors that the graduates the TROPTIONS Training course may contact to get help in creating wealth, making trades, and guidance.  Join Durwood and other Mentors on our Wed night Zoom meeting for the latest news and how our members are getting wealthy with TROPTIONS.

Crypto WealthMinting Millionaires

We are in an amazing time of transition from wealth measured in cash in the bank at 2% interest and 8% inflation, or wealth held in crypto assets that can reach 1000% in less than a year.  We are literally minting crypto millionaires who were living in their parents' basement a year ago.  Now, they are buying beachfront homes, Ferrari's, and yachts.  

How do people like your and me get into this immense shift of wealth that plays by a whole new set of rules?  If you aren't a computer wizard, TROPTIONS offers the most practical and viable solution anywhere.  Instead of trying to buy into the latest and greatest cryptocurrency, we use our crypto assets to buy and sell other assets for a profit.  We aren't buying into someone else's promises.  We are in control of our future, and we have thousands of exchanges that prove that literally, anyone can use TROPTIONS to create a great income and impressive wealth.

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