Smart Way to Move Stale Inventory

Move out Old InventoryFor those with Troptions in hand, here's a good idea that shouldn't be hard for anyone to do.  Start by asking any kind of business if they have any excess or unused inventory.  Most companies have to keep up with the new models or versions.  So, the dated goods are marked down to move them out, but that doesn't always work.  So, they are taking up valuable space in the storage areas.  

What is the value of that excess inventory?  About zero unless the owner trashes the stuff and writes off a loss.  

So, use your Troptions to buy up excess inventory and sell it off.  You can put things up on Craigslist or eBay, but why not post your items free of charge on the Xctra market?  (  Just don't put up junk that literally no one wants.  You want to acquire items that other people will want.  

The skill is in finding things that still have value to another market.  

One inventive person has arranged to collect returned items from online and local stores.  Many items are nearly new or have minor scratches.  He refurbishes the items and sells them to stores and online as slightly used items.

If you love yard sales, flea markets, and auctions; be discerning and buy things with Troptions and sell them on the Xctra market.  It is a bit of a skill, but it can be fun.  After all, have you seen that places like Plato's closet buys used clothes for pennies and sells them for dollars?  This is a proven process if you focus on something you enjoy.