Making Troptions Work

Buy TroptionsIf you sold or traded anything for Troptions, there is a next question about how to make use of Troptions.  Well,, the answer is perhaps too simple and requires more than a casual consideration.  

Some will hold the Troptions as they have a strong history of growth.  For example, $1000 in Troptions today may be worth $5000 in a year or so.  Prices do vary as no person sets the underlying value.  The valuation of Troptions are reported on a DEX based upon the number or volume of trades executed throughout the day.  So far, the growth and popularity of Troptions has been strong and is expected be get even stronger as more consumers and businesses learn how they are used to acquire whatever they need without paying 100% cash.

When the value goes up, the Troptions holder can negotiate to buy what they want for the appreciated value of $5000.

Basically, Troptions (TRade OPTIONS) were intended to be traded as you might cash, silver and gold, or anything you own.  Some people have minimal skills at trading for what they want, so the good people at have created a safe place to learn the art of trading or barter.  

Find the Xctra Market at the website and get registered.  It's free to register.  You will find a variety of offers that accept cash, cash and MTR credits, or Troptions.  Frankly, the Xctra market is literally a "Crypto Barter" marketplace of people who make offers and may consider your counteroffer.  So, don't be shy.  Get involved and develop your trade or barter skills.

Some offers on the Xctra Market are large making them likely opportunities for Troptions.  Troptions have sizable value (upwards of $1000 per coin), and so buying cars, boats, jewelry, or real estate is easier that the MTR credit fixed at $1.00 per credit.

How do you get more Troptions.  Go to the CryptoTrade Bank where you can easily purchase Troptions at the current value and you will also be able to get some extra value in actual silver metal added to your purchase.  See: