How to Sell my TROPTIONS?

If you own TROPTIONS, you may be wondering how to sell your TROPTIONS, or "Cash Out".  Many cryptocurrencies are not exchangeable for cash.  This question haunts a variety of people who own cryptocurrencies.  You will find some cryptocurrencies are characterized as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which were not intended to be easily sold but were intended to represent a secure ownership interest to some digital or real asset.

Sell Troptions

At this time, TROPTIONS are not listed on an exchange, and there are reasons for this that may seem frustrating to those who think that TRADING is the way to wealth.  

One reason that TROPTIONS have not opted to get listed on an exchange is not that it isn't a proven value, but to avoid the amazing stresses of mega-influencers to manipulate the market to their advantage.  As a small-time investor with no social media influence but seem like bystanders as some WHALE of an investor buys in, pumps the public market with endorsements, and then DUMPS the stock at its peak.  This is known as the classic "Pump and Dump" and it is technician unethical, if not illegal.  

Nonetheless, anything on an exchange is often driven by perceptions, and perceptions are both real and fake.  Therefore, TROPTIONS will eventually get listed on some exchanges when the core values of TROPTIONS are well-established and less likely to be a game that current owners are fairly represented.

Secondly, the founder of TROPTIONS, Garland Harris did not intend for TROPTIONS to be treated as a typical investment, but as a trade asset.  This may be a disappointment to some people, but there are important reasons that a trade option has good value to the owner.  

Now, even though NFTs are not fungible, they can be sold, traded, or exchanged.  So, it is not unusual for a trade asset to stay in character and act in many ways as an NFT.  

The real art of the deal, then, is learning how to turn TROPTIONS into cash even though it is not as simple as putting across a SELL order for a stock.  

Troptions Trading at offers support for the many TROPTIONS holders looking for a way to cash their TROPTIONS.  The course is 100% online and comes at a very modest fee of $295.  The expectation is that our mentoring project will open many doors to sell your TROPTIONS which is done in an indirect manner.  

We can say with strong experience of other TROPTIONS holders, that there are deals being made and millions in profits are happening each month.  For the rest of the ecosystem of TROPTIONS holders to cash out of TROPTIONS, the process is not a direct medium via an exchange, but a variety of ideas that function primarily on the trade asset concept.

The final point is why trade an appreciating asset for a depreciating asset, like dollars?  The answer may be because I need cash to buy stuff?  Understandable.  Cash is the common commodity for buying and selling.   Anyone can do it, but that option isn't available yet.  Nonetheless, you have an appreciating asset that can buy things.  The difficulty is that using TROPTIONS to buy things isn't convenient.  In fact, it can be difficult, if we are honest.  

There is exciting news pending for all TROPTIONS holders.  Right now, we are showing amateurs how to start using and creating income from TROPTIONS.  We really hope anyone owning TROPTIONS will benefit from our program.


Troptions, the Crypto Path Less Taken