Fungible and Non-Fungible Cryptocurrency

IN THE BEGINNING .... all cryptocurrencies were hopeful investments that had no cash value.  In the early days of Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin had a perceived value but nothing it could buy.  At this point, Bitcoin was a "Nerds Only" playground, and even they had no sure idea of what would come of this commodity.  

Bitcoin and other cryptos eventually were listed on exchanges, they could be traded with other coins.  People could buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, but couldn't sell them other than to another enthusiast.  

Fungible means "Tradable" or able to be exchanged in a proven system.  Do not mistake that an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) where a crypto coin or token is sold for fifty cents means you can turn around and sell the token on an exchange the next day.  When it comes to raising money, the ICO helps the company more than the investor.  So, investors assure themselves, that "Someday, my tokens will explode in value, and I'll be rich."  

More recently, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have emerged.  They are stating at the very onset, these coins cannot be "Cashed Out", but that doesn't mean that the individual can's sell the NFT at any time.  

Fungible typically means that a coin or token can be cashed about at an exchange much like a stock can be cashed out of your investment account.  What if the stock comes with a requirement that you can't redeem it for two years after purchase?  That stock would be non-fungible for two years at the stock market.  After two years, it would be tradable.

TROPTIONS has purposely maintained a non-fungible stance for a reason.  Rather than a flash in the pan, TROPTIONS wanted a track record and time to develop the many other values of the token.  

While the TROPTIONS value rose from $11 to over $1200, the primary goal was not investment speculation.  

TROPTIONS were a novel idea of an alternative currency that would be used to buy and sell goods and services without using cash money.  Instead of banking on intricate crypto-stunning innovations that only a few could understand, TROPTIONS based its real value on the "Proof of Use" or "Proof of Work" aspect.  The index value of TROPTIONS are derived from daily, ongoing trades of TROPTIONS for goods and service by hundreds and thousands of TROPTIONS holders.  

There will be many fortunes made in the new digital economy.  However, the non-techy and small investor is likely to miss out on any wealth opportunity other than reading about the successes of others on your favorite news feed.  TROPTIONS offers something much more practical when it comes to Proof of Use crypto assets.  While it is almost certain that the "Fungible" piece will fall in place for TROPTIONS, it is a shame to waste the most valuable wealth cycle that many are using now to outperform all other investments.