Fungible and Non-Fungible Cryptocurrency

IN THE BEGINNING .... all cryptocurrencies were hopeful investments that had no cash value.  In the early days of Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin had a perceived value but nothing it could buy.  At this point, Bitcoin was a "Nerds Only" playground, and even they had no sure idea of what would come of this commodity.  

Bitcoin and other cryptos eventually were listed on exchanges, then could be traded with other coins.  People could buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, but couldn't sell them other than to another enthusiast.  

The Effect of Inflation and Buying Power

The Impact of InflationA little more than a year ago, I bought a 17' Mako skiff with a 75 hp outboard for not quite $19,000.   That was a big step at the time, but something happened recently that was surprising.  I returned to the very same Bass Pro Shop for various fishing items, and decided to see what was in the boat sales area.

As you can see from the pictures, something remarkable had happened to the price of the boat.   The very same boat that I bought in mid-2020 was now $32,010 in mid-2021.  You might say that I got a pretty good deal in 2020, but that isn't quite true.  My ability to buy the bought today was greatly reduced after just one year of inflation.

How to Use Troptions

Trading TroptionsAlthough TROPTIONS are a cryptocurrency, they were created more than fifteen years ago as a trade asset. This fact explains in part how to use TROPTIONS. The original purpose was that TROPTIONS were a substitute for cash and should be used as a means of exchange.  For those familiar with barter systems, TROPTIONS are a method of exchange that is more expansive than barter points.

Cryptocurrency Tax Deferred Option


While may think that "Cash is King", it is also very taxable.  The very idea of a "Trade Option" is that the exchange would be considered a deferred tax event.  While this may be a subtle point ... it is quite profound.  The wise use of some cryptocurrencies known as Trade Options (Troptions) can be an effective tax planning tool.


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