Best Way to Buy TROPTIONS

Best Buy TroptionsCryptocurrency is still a mostly strange concept.  While others have plunged ahead and proclaimed cryptocurrency as the future of currency and trade.  Not everyone is so sure and aren't ready to make the jump into cryptocurrency.  TROPTIONS is perhaps one of the oldest and best-situated crypto asset, it represents a distinct market concept that is not based on investment speculation.  Instead, the earliest foundations of TROPTIONS was the expressed commitment to create a trade asset or "Digital Currency?

TROPTIONS are not like most cryptocurrencies.  Why not?   Those who believe in TROPTIONS as a "Proof of Use" token do not want to see TROPTIONS experience the immense fluctuations you see with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, or Ethereum.  The huge influencers in the crypto market have used their influence, status, and massive wealth to "Blow up a Cryptocurrency" knowing that a social media announcement will cause the herd to follow and throw their money into the coin.  Then, when they have the proper moment, they bail with millions more and the small investors what the cryptocurrency drop by 40%.  

What is the wisdom of avoiding the market to create a truly democratic participation of average people?  It means a slower and more patient growth pattern of distributing the trade asset.  TROPTIONS are not an overnight success story.  The goal is to build an alternate economy and commerce system that is not a regular cash exchange.  As this system grows from a lesser-known program to a local program, called an Xchange; the process becomes a very real application.

To popularize the concept of TROPTIONS and the "Proof of Use" concept, we are offering our SUREFIRE assurance program.  Since TROPTIONS are meant to be used as an alternative to cash, those making big money with TROPTIONS have started out buying something as simple as a lawnmower, moved to a motorcycle or car, then bought a hundred other things that they find for sale.

Our SUREFIRE assurance is the allowance to trade out of TROPTIONS if the idea of freelance trading doesn't work for you.  We prefer that people turn TROPTIONS into a fun and profitable hobby that takes some enthusiasm and daring.  Like those who make a business out of antiques, art, buying and selling things; TROPTIONS is frankly intended to be a wealth-making challenge that is for those who accept the vision.

If, however, you determine that TROPTIONS trading isn't your bag, we offer the one-time ability of our participants only to trade their current value or original purchase in the form of an investment-grade gem.   This provides a cushion of assurance that should erase the concern that your initial price cannot be lost.  You remain in the system and the TROPTIONS may actually outperform the value of the gem; but anyone who wants to master this Proof of Use concept and win at the opportunity that is offered.