Could this be the Best Time to Buy TROPTIONS?

Without making it sound like inside information, there is ample general information that indicates that TROPTIONS are at a dip just prior to some important advances.  Like a sleeping giant, the potential of a trade asset represents something of serious value that has serious implications in a strong inflation cycle.  TROPTIONS represent an alternate currency that is far more than s listing on an exchange.   

Currently, TROPTIONS is at a price that will likely not be seen again.  Having moved to $1400 in 2021, the current price is a reflection of many cryptocurrencies that have seen values drop.  A dip may or may not be a buying opportunity.   The question is whether there is something coming that will drive the price over $1400 and above.

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The not-so-secret expectation is the pending announcement of a TROPTIONS app that will make the ability to spend TROPTIONS as an alternate currency that anyone can use.  Imagine going into a store and buying items with TROPTIONS transferred to the store by a simple app transaction.  This is an exciting and seminal realization of a long-promised dream.  It literally took a long time for technology to come of age, and it is yet another step to incorporate businesses or merchant accounts to make the crossover connection to digital payments.

When this door opens in more and more cities, a fantastic opportunity opens us.  The TROPTIONS app, therefore, becomes a kind of universal barter system allowing this trade asset or token to readily provide a media for trades that previously were only made with cash.

Buying with Digital Currency could apply to:

  • Purchases of certain or all items in a store
  • Payment for services
  • Used as security on a balance sheet
  • Reward programs for customer loyalty
  • Regular people who trade with others for goods and services
  • Borrowed by a business to make capital improvements

Troptions trade assetIf you knew about the barter system from a few years ago, you will quickly see how TROPTIONS represent the next generation of barter or trade.  The ability of a trade asset to increase the volume of transactions works best when customers and merchants adopt the system.  The question for such trade assets is whether these assets can be used for all types of services in the community.

Consider that TROPTIONS as a system is offered at no cost to customers or merchants.  We anticipate communities with barter programs to quickly see the value of TROPTIONS and move to the TROPTIONS app because it is more affordable, more powerful, and offers many more business opportunities.

Get up to speed with the next-generation crypto asset that has the potential of explosive growth in 2022.  

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